6-9 February 2014
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

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Owing to tremendous growth, Auto Expo is now held at two locations as

Auto Expo - Vehicles from 9-14 February at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, UP, INDIA and
Auto Expo - Components from 8-11 February at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, INDIA.

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Accessories for Vehicle Design

Accessories for Two/Three Wheelers

Adhesives & Sealant

Air Conditioning

Bimetalic Strips


Car Clocks

Car Security Systems

Customizing and Sports Accessories

Decorative Accessories

Electronic Entertainment Systems for Automobile


Interior Parts

Jacks (Hydraulic/ Mechanical Scissors)

Spares & Supporting Mechanism

Seat Cushions

Seat Belts

Speed Governors



Wheel Caps

Audio / Music Sytems

GPS Navigation

Car Mats

Air Filters & Cartridges

Automotive Electronic & Electric Section

Body Section

Carburetors & Repair Kits


Catalytic Converter

Chassis Section (Axle. Steering, Brakes)

Connecting Rods

Crankshafts, Crank Pins

Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads Cylinder Liners


Drive Section (Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust)

Exhaust Manfold, Exhaust Systems & Parts

Engine Cooling Fan Assembly

Engine Mountings

Engine Valves, Inlet & Exhaust

Flywheels, Flywheel Ring Gears

Fork Shifter

Fuel Filters

Fuel Injection Pumps/Nozzles/Nozzles Testers

Fuel Injection Pumps. Multi Cylinder. Multi Point Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection Pumps Deliver Valves

Fuel Pumps (Petrol) & Repair Kits

Fuel Pumps (Electronics)

Fuel Pump Housing

Gaskets, Gaskets (Rubber)

Glow Plugs

Low/High Pressure Hoses

Hydraulic Pumps/Parts

Oil Coolers

Oil Filters

Oil Pump Assembly

Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins, Pistons Rods

Push Rods & Rocker Shafts

Radiators, Radiator Grills & Radiator Pins

Rubber Profiles

Sealing Profiles



Thinwall/Thickwall Bearings & Bushes

Timing Chains

Valves. Valve Tappets & Seal Inserts, Valve Guide. Valve Collets

Water Pump Assembly, Water Pump Bearings

Axle Shafts, Rear, Axel Front Stud/Bar, Axle Assemblies, Axle Studs

Bevel Gears / Pinions

Clutch Assembly, Clutch Discs/Plates, Clutch Components, Clutch Facings

Controls Cables

Crown Wheel & Pinions

Constant Velocity Joints

Differential Cases / Housings

Differential Gears

Front Axles (Tractors)

Gear Boxes / Parts

Hubs & Components

King Pins and Repair Kits

Oil Seals

Propeller Shafts

Steering Linkages

Steering Gear Systems (Shafts, Columns & Gears). Steering Gear Parts

Steering Gear (Power & Manual), Steering Wheels

Synchrocones & Synchronizer Rings

Ties Road Ends / Parts

Transmission Gears, Transmission Shafts, Transmission Parts

Universal Joint Cross Assemblies

Wheel Rims & Caps

Valves Stem Seals, Engine Ventilation Systems (PCV)

Tipping Gears & Parts

Air Brakes

Air Suspension Systems

Brake Assembly - Hydraulics

Brake Assembly Handbrake,Parking Brake Lever

Brake Drums, Brake Hoses, BrakeShoes, Brake Linings/Pads

Disc Brakes & Components

Coil Springs - Suspension

Leaf Springs

Master Cylinder & Repair Kits

Shock Absorbers /Struts, Suspension Struts

Wheel Cylinders & Repair Kits

Bushings, Rubber

Roll Linings & Back Plates



Capacitor Discharge Ignition Unit (CDI)

Contact Breaker Sets


Distributors : Caps & Rotors


Electrical Components

Ignition Coils

Ignition Switches


Spark Plugs

Starters Motors & Parts

Voltage Regulators

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Battery & Battery Cables

Dashboard Instruments

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Electric & Electronic Switches

Flasher Units

Fuse & Fuse Boxes

Halogen Lamps & Bulbs

Head Lamps & Other Lights

Horns, Horn Relays

Speedometers & Speedometer Cables

Temperature Gauges


Tyres & Tubes

Wiper Motors, Wiper Arms & Blades

Windshield Washing Units

Wiring Harness & Parts

'O' Rings

Pressed Components

RPM Meters, LCH Hour Meter, Digital Hour Meter

Rubber & Rubber Moulded PartsThermoplastic Rubber

Snap / Spiral Pin Spring Rings

Speedometer & Speedometer Cables

Spring-Precision Springs/Valve Springs, Fuel Injection Spring, Clutch Spring, Break Spring, Compressed Spring etc



Door Guides/Door Handles, Door Panels, Door Trim

Door Locks/Locking Systems

Fuel Tanks

Grease Guns & Nipples

Instruments Panels

Plastic Moulded Parts

Power Windows

Rear View Mirror Assembly

Rubber Components/Profiles

Rubber to Metal Bonded Components

Sheet Metal Parts

Self Locking Fasteners (Nylock)

Springs Bolts & Pins

Weather Strips

Window Regulators, Window Channels, Window Frames

Automotive Glass: Laminated,Safety, Insulating, Bullet Proof

Bus & Coach Body Building


Air Line Control

Car Crash Test Systems

Crucibles & Accessories

Diagnostic Measuring and Testing Devices & Systems

Engine Monitoring Instruments

Equipment & Vehicle for Towing Services

Equipment & Materials for Paint Work and Corrosion Protection

Equipment & Material for Body Repair

Hydraulic lift pumps

Material Handling Plastic Crates for Automobile Parts

Packaging Solutions for Automobile Protation, Dye Wipes

Roadside Assistance Service, Mobile Workshops

Sanding Pad for Air & Power Tools

Spray Gun

Tools _ Hand Tools, Machine Tools, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Tools

Tyre Service Equipment

Workshop Equipment

Car Care Products

Environment Protection, Recycling Disposal Services

Equipments & Products for Filling & Service Station


Quality Control & Safety Equipment

Quality Inspection System & Automation

Rapid Prototyping


Rust Preventive Products

Self & Alternator Cable Brushes


Solar Control Films

Washing Systems & Equipment Cleaners

Auto Magazines, Publictions

After Market Automotive Journals

Auto Finance

Building Services, Storage Facilities

CAD/CAM/CAE/Software Solutions

Data Processing Equipment

Design Engineering


IT for Auto Industry

Leasing & Consultative Services

Logistics Supply Chain Management / Cargo Distribution

Magazine Publishers

Materials Handling Equipment

Newspapers & Periodical, Specialized Literature

Research Development

Sales Equipment & Aids

Testing & Certification

Tourism & Travel

Trade Association/Organization

Training Suppliers & Programmers, Driving School Equipment

Vendor Development Services

CNC Spring Cooling & Forming Machine

Bearings (All Types)

Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Screws and Washers

Brackets & Shackles

Bundy Tube


Metals (Sheet Aluminum etc)

Other Raw Materials


Powder Metal Parts

Parts for Trailers

Turbo Charges

25 years of Auto Expo